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the best things to do in morro bay

Drive south along the sandy shores of the California coast from our inn and you'll come across Morro Bay. This adorable town offers magical shoreline views and a huge vacation itinerary that will keep you busy for days.

With an enchanting atmosphere and a bustling list of things for you to do, we know that Morro Bay will capture your heart the longer you stay there, which is why we've made a list of all our favorite things to do here.

cayucos hikes

Whale Rock Reservoir
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 4.1 miles

Walk along the shores of Whale Rock Reservoir, and you'll come away with a wonderful hiking experience. It's teeming with wildlife common to the western United States, including deer and squirrels. It's an amazing spot to go fishing if you prefer lakes to the ocean. Make sure you wear long pants and socks to prevent ticks from biting you on this one!

Estero Bluffs Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 7.2 miles

Nothing beats a beachside walk, and the Bluffs Trail on the western side of Cayucos provides stunning seaside views. This highly accessible trail allows all to enjoy a peaceful walk on the Golden Coast, and is incredibly magical if you love to take pictures during sunset. The pirate wrecked pirate ship provides a unique site and adventurous atmosphere as a backdrop to your hike.

morro bay hiking

While Morro Bay is an oceanside town, it lies just a short drive from a mountain range with miles of forest to explore, which sets it apart from most beach towns in the country.

cerro alto trail

Difficulty: Hard
Distance: 4.5 miles

Cerro Alto is one of the most popular mountain peaks our guests like to trek. Because of its steep incline, it's a pretty difficult trail, but that doesn't mean only expert hikers can enjoy it. By the end of the trek, you'll have a gorgeous, birds-eye view of Morro Rock, the Pacific Ocean, and the beautiful greenery of California.

Older guests may want to consider bringing walking poles and well-gripped shoes.

boy scout trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 4.8 miles

This trail neighbors Cerro Alto Mountain, and can be a great alternative. It's steep at the beginning and levels off a bit as you ascend the peak. The Boy Scout Trail is quiet, picturesque and perfect for the avid outdoorsman and dog owners.

All guests should bring walking poles, as the descent down the peak has some loose gravel that makes it easy to slip.

morro bay state park hiking trails

Right in the heart of Morro Bay, you'll be able to access the local state park which has a few popular hikes of its own. Morro Bay State Park makes for an excellent kayaking and fishing destination as well.

Black Hill Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2.5 miles

The mountainous and simple Black Hill Trail is one of the best up and down hikes near Morro Bay. It gives you a great view of the ocean and the city, is relatively covered, and is a lot of fun for birdwatchers, runners, and casual hikers.

The Quarry Trail to Cerro Cabrillo

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2.4 miles

Walk through the greenery and the dusty desert to get to the beautiful Cerro Cabrillo. You're going to want to be prepared with long pants, bug spray, and good shoes since parts of the trail will guide you through some bushes. The scramble to the top is a bit gravelly, so keep that in mind.

morro rock beach

Have you ever wanted to lounge on a beach shore that had more to look at then the water in front of you? At Morro Rock Beach, you'll be able to swim, eat, and relax near a massive volcanic plug. The beach has stunning views at sunset and makes for a fun venue for weddings if you're interested.

If you need something to do while you're on the beach, you can rent some game equipment like a horseshoe set, bocce balls, or volleyball equipment for a small fee.

morro bay fishing charters

Do you see the sea and want nothing more than to embark on an awesome fishing adventure? Morro Bay is home to quite a few popular fishing charters. Some of them are contracted through Morro Bay, but others are private captains who know the ocean well. No matter what kind of fish you are hoping to snag, these three fishing charters offer a wonderful experience on the water.

stay at the cayucos sunset inn!

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